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Saturday, 3 November 2012


I remember saying how I am aging and not celebrating Halloween. Apparently, I am not that old after all.

It was sort of a last minute decision and everyone was required to dress up! I wanted to become something indifferent since it will be my last time celebrating Halloween. I really wanted to dress up-dress up but yet, I did not want to spend money buying costumes. Brainstormed a while since I didn't want to go for the vampire / angel / devil /cat woman look, cause they were too mainstream. :/

Finally came up with this excellent idea. Spooky yet cost effective, win win situation. :)

Recognise her? Hint: childhood memories.

I really have nothing much to say, will just let the pictures speak. 

The only group picture taken that night and it turned out blurry. 

Oh highlight of the night, ain't exactly the highlight but to me it is because we were served Hello Kitty!! It's actually a cocktail which contain malibu and something something something, I do not remember. :(

Bought a bottle of fake blood and made (almost) everyone to put it on. Especially those who were not very dressed up or too pretty for Halloween. Come on, people are supposed to look scary or (and) ugly on Halloween! 

Notice the blood and scars on her. It looks so real, as if her skin is flaking. 

Then she abruptly started modelling lol. 

Quote: 'Take a picture of me with your bag ler, I wanna show it to my mum and convince her to buy me one.'

Hahahahaha! So cute. 

Note the photobombing retard behind Lololol!

Tiffany brings along a knife with her, while the pirated Lydia holds a cake wtf.

There you go, I was Tiffany, Chucky's bride. Don't tell me you don't know Chucky do you? Childsplay? Come on, if you really don't know Chucky, you definitely own an unexciting childhood.

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