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Saturday, 27 October 2012


Last week has been a rather hectic week. Lectures were not really packed but a pre-test, workshop and interview slot were inserted among them, hence lots of reading required during my 'free time'. Besides, I am also trying to keep myself as occupied as possible. I like being busy, at least I feel that I am not wasting life and time. Also, I tend to feel less emotional when I am busy.

Here are some random pictures from the period between my intense lifestyle. Er,...don't think shopping and chilling with friends are considered intense but wth, as long as I am not seated in front of my computer, watching drama alone while munching on nachos dipped in sour cream or cheese, it's a win.

Quite a few readers/followers have been asking about this collar. It's not a necklace nor detachable collar, it is part of my top. Check it out from Miss Selfridge if you are interested. However, I don't know if you can still get it cause I have bought it for quite some time already.


How are you guys celebrating your trick or treating festival? And what is your costume??? I have always wanted to be a corpse bride but never had the opportunity to yet. I mean even if I am attending some sort of Halloween party, laziness haunts and I can't be bothered to put in so much effort anymore. Think of the costume, makeup or any required gadgets (?) 

Hope everyone had a good celebration. I did not though. I blame the aging symptom, as usual, I choose to stay home, read books and paint my nails. I prefer a quite life, hence I am ambitious to being a tai tai in the future. Jokes.

Went shopping on one of my free day. DO NOT be fooled by the sun, it was a freaking 1 degree that day. By the way, I feel cuter instantly whenever I put on this dress coat lol.

Wasn't sure if I liked this dress, the cut out bit. But I really really like the second lbd. It's so pretty. Unfortunately it is too big for me. They have my size in mint though but I wanted black badly. And that, was.the.last.piece. *insert broken glass sound. That is why I added the hello kitty there. Sigh, if my boobs were a few cups bigger, maybe a G cup will do == Then I might be able to pull the dress. I really really like it.  But it's alright, I believe something better awaits me.

To those of you who think I can't cook...In Your Face! lol.

To be honest, I am more fond of Asian to Western food and I do cook Asian food most of the time. But my Asian food presentations are rather, meh. You won't be interested lol.

Aglio Olio Fusilli with Peruvian Scallop and Unsmoked Bacon 

Cabonara Bucatini with Button Mushroom and Pancetta 

I wanted this hair so much! My mum approved my kind of ridiculous approach since I told her this is the last time I can opt for colour like this cause by the time I step into the society, it will be Hello dark boring hair.

Many of my friends were expecting to see me in ombre hair after summer. Sorry for disappointing you guys lol. It's just that ombre was very outdated already when I arrived Malaysia, that was the reason I went for gradient hair. It's the trend you know. Well, if you don't, you must be living in the cave. Or under some rock in a cave. :/

Anyway, back to the point...

And so, being enthusiastic enough, I decided to do it myself! Cause I THOUGHT I was that talented wtf.

Pictures below were taken after bleaching, before operating to the next step, ie painting it lilac! BUT!!! My lilac dye could not be absorbed!!! Whaiiiiii!?!?!?!! So I am now stuck with this shyttie-some-what-of-a-highlighted-strands bangs. Dafuq.

Gosh, writing a blog post is taking up so much of my energy, my gastrointestinal tracts are grumbling. It's a calling, lol Ok, Imma leave you guys with some more of my vain shots while I pay my kitchen a visit. You're welcome.

And I am back, with a avocado and egg sandwich in my hands. I am a happy kid with a satisfied tummy now wtf. Good night peeps.

This is so wrong, I am living the life of a pig. Eat and Sleep  Wheeeeee Me Gusta! 

Thursday, 25 October 2012

How to cope with stress

It's tough being a girl.

Life itself is hard enough, yet we get another unpleasant visit monthly. I don't mind it coming each month really, it's just the pre-symptoms that annoys me. Who else here rage super duper sien hormones before menstruation?

It bothers me a lot. I tend to get very emotional and have all sorts of ridiculous cravings that can't be satisfied.  And these symptoms are exaggerated by stressful life events, like STUDIES wtf. I am never a studious person. I am more into beautician, arts and crafts. Although I am not very talented either but at least they gain my interest.

However, such is life. Life isn't perfect, it's how you decide to look at and deal with it that makes a whole wide difference. 


I think this plays the most important role. It's only when you're contented with the things you have, you'd realise that life can actually be full of colours. If you keep comparing yourselves with the high-end society, you will never be satisfied with what you already have.

Think about the children in rural areas, in the orphanage and also children in the hospital wards who are suffering from chronic diseases. Have you ever taught of or come to a realisation of how much effort they have put into just to live another day longer. Or how it felt being brought to Earth without the love and care from their parents. And there you are ranting and whining over minor matters. 

To be upset over what you don't have is a waste of what you already have.

Eat healthily


It is alright to pamper yourself with desserts occasionally if it makes you happy but the truth is, sugary food enhances stress level. Sugar causes your blood glucose level to spike and then fall quickly, which directly dampens you energy level. And to accommodate stress, a large amount of energy is required.

This does not imply that you should boost your energy level with food that contains caffeine, such as coffee or tea. No doubt these drinks are able to refresh a tired person but at the same time, a stressed individual is already anxious and further stimulation may result in aggravated anxiety, or worse, sleepless nights.

By eating healthily, I refer to having a balance diet and not asking you to eat rabbit food. 5-a-day is a program held in several countries including the United Kingdom, United States etc. It encourages people to eat five portion of fruits and vegetables a day and each portion is approximately the size of your fist. And 5-a-day options like asparagus, blueberries, kiwis, almonds are not only good stress relieving food but delicious too!

What about meat? Omnomnomnivore needs meat too! Well, beef and tuna are excellent choices! Beef contains high levels of zinc, vitamin Bs and iron, which are known to stabilise your mood while the latter is low fat high protein, providing you energy to fight stress. But do bear in mind, be it fish or meat, be sure to opt for lean options and avoid the fats!


Research has shown that exercise is the best way to release stress. It improves the heart's function by strengthening and enlarging your heart, thereby increasing oxygen level and lowering fat levels such as cholesterol and triglycerides. On the other hand, it is also a enlightens you mentally due to the release of endorphins, a mood regulating neurochemical that is often deprived in patients suffering from depression. 

I personally feel that exercising (or not) affects my mood profusely. These symptoms are obvious during my day off when I would spend the entire day under my duvet, in my pillow lazing around at home. I would feel happy the whole day just to find out those were only temporary and the happiness sinks as the sun set. However, my happy hormones (wtf) tend to expand continuously if I hit the gym that day. Not only do I feel good, live healthier and I look more toned too! Isn't that like hitting two birds with one stone! Make it three!

Er...I actually gained a bit recently but it's alright, CHUBBY IS CUTE. *self proclaim yi xia la. 

Make time for your hobbies

Sometimes the stress level is highly elevated if you focus too much on a particular event. Drift your thoughts and worries, spend some time doing some things you truly enjoy. Be it watching a movie, picnicking with a couple of friends, or taking a short trip. 

Things I enjoy doing mostly involves decorating, be it on food, body parts or any objects. The Hello Kitty meal shown above was prepared by yours truly too, in order to release certain unexplained unhappiness last week. And surprisingly enough, it cheered me up instantly and also the following few days whenever the image pops up in my mind. :)


We try to achieve excellence in all areas of work- we have achievement in studies, work and what definitely want the best for our loved ones, giving them what they deserved. Subconsciously, we yearn for a perfect living which we know it is impossible to obtain.

The inability to maintain our own self-imposed demands begins to cause stress and breeds feelings of inadequacy. Maintaining a large number of priorities and realising how we are drifting apart from each priorites eventually leads to frustration and burnout. You soon feel that everything is out of your control and nothing seems to comes in your way.

Setting priorities isn't only about having good time management (although it does play a major role in helping you attain your achievements). It is more of determining what gives you the greatest satisfaction in life, things that bring you genuine happiness. Some people determine their self-worth by their achievement in work while others judge by their child's achievement or harmony within a family.

It is solely dependent on you to determine what you want and strive hard for it in that direction. Yes, there may be unpleasant outburst on the way to achievement. Do not feel defeated when things slip out of control, pull yourself together and conquer whatever is coming your way.

No matter how hard things may seem, I always believe there's something good coming around.

Ending this long wordy post by simply inserting my narcissistic face. And stay tuned for more updates! 

Friday, 19 October 2012

I promise you

I've been very busy lately, with I don't know what wtf.

And because I have not been doing anything worth mentioning recently, I have no idea what to blog about and I do not bother asking for opinions either because the answers never change. I am always told to do a make up or hair tutorial. I mean, ALWAYS, without fail.

Honestly, the reason I have not posted any tutorial isn't because I am reluctant to share my tips and "so-called skills". It's just a lot more tedious than it looks and I feel awkward talking to myself (video). In fact, I TRIED. And here is my failed attempt. Just the results though, the process was so bad I deleted the entire thing without a second thought lol.

Twas the popteen inspired big goo-goo eyes which I think it is the look most of you would like to achieve most. Frankly, this WAS my favourite look. Not sure if it is the symptom of aging or something, I no longer yearn for miraculously big eyes with thick make up. It's the expression in ones' eyes that matters. Be it small eyes, monolid, uneven eyelids or eicchornia. Most important of all, regardless of what type of makeup look you are going for, BE SURE THAT IT LOOKS CLEAN AND FRESH!

Make up routine I stick to nowadays are relatively light and simple, as illustrated below. However, as you can tell from the pictures, my make up is smudged, ie a no-no failed look. Hence you never see me posting these pictures anywhere, be it Facebook, Instagram or any other social networks.

Make up tip #1

There is other alternative ways to archiving fuller looking lower lashes besides applying fake bottom lashes. That is by drawing them yourselves with an eyeliner! Stroke approximately four strokes on each eyes, spacing them evenly. As shown in the next picture.

I promise to come up with more tips. Unfortunately, I have to stop now for a whole load of external readings awaits me. Please do come back soon and more often because I tend to blog more often when I see increasing traffic. It is quite disappointing when you realise no one reads your blog you know. *act ke lian lol

Friday, 12 October 2012

Why girls apply make up?

Girls who wear makeup are FAKE!
Girls who wear makeup are PLASTIC!
Girls makeup because they are UGLY ON THE INSIDE!

wts!?! But seriously, this is what we get so frequently. Just because we wear makeup, it doesn't mean that we are fake, plastic nor ugly on the inside? We apply makeup to enhance our natural beauty, to conceal our flaw, hence being more physically alluring.Why do guys or even girls who do not use makeup tend to make such a big fuss over it. I just don't get it.

Statements we often hear:

1. God created human being to be good looking in their own ways and you should love how you 'naturally' look too.

Yes, and God created you with crooked teeth too. Why do you even bother using braces or invasalign. God created you with black/blonde hair. Why did you dyed it?

This is so unfair. Getting braces and hair colouring is acceptable only because these are done by both sexes. Isn't this the same theory? Yet you do not see people going around calling you fake cause you once had braces.

2. Girls wear makeup because we forget that our confidence lies within us and not upon those layers of chemicals. Forget the makeup, show us the real you!

I will not deny that applying makeup does boost the self esteem of an individual. But I still do not get the logic? Guys shave too. Can I then say guys tend to lose their confidence as their facial hair grows? I do not even know what am I talking about wtf.

Beauty ------> Confidence ------> Success ------> Happiness

In case you do not realise, make up helps build up confidence, which indirectly leads to success hence happiness.

Making up does not only increases our confidence, it is also a kind of courtesy. I am sure the sight of a room occupied by ladies in dull complexion and dark eye bags is quite unpleasant. In contrast, would not it just enlighten your day instantly if you enter a room greeted by happy girls which bright, healthy complexion? A good appearance is a way of respecting yourselves and only when you learn to respect yourself, other parties will start respecting you.

Try visualising this, if you were to assign one of your employee to meet a client, who would it be?

Picture credit to
Left, who looks barely alert nor intellectual (no offence though) or right, who is looking readily prepared and boosted with confidence.

In addition, a study here indicated that ladies who apply makeup to work tend to get pay 20% more than ladies without makeup. So it is not appropriate to point fingers that applying makeup is solely us girls' fault. You too, are paying us a higher salary as a consequence.

And what else is new? Erm,..girls makeup to attract a man's (or men) attention more? Gee that's new. Oh come on. Stop denying and say you admire natural beauty and all and how much a girl with makeup looks like a statue. As if none of you were into pretty/hot/sexy celebrities like snsd, megan fox, scarlett johansson etc. Do you think you would still idolise them if they appear on tv like these?

Pictures credit to

Ok, they are not that ugly but you get my point.

If these are not enough to convince you, then let the wisest man talk, dear God. We are created by him and so did he inserted a hormone within us girls that is released during the anticipation of applying makeup. This hormone is called dopamine.

You think I am making this up to strengthen my point of view of girls' applying makeup, you can choose to ask Mr Julian Ryall from Tokyo. This is a research unraveled by a Japanese scientist, dated 21 Jan 2009. It proves that women anticipate a rush of anticipation and optimism as they prepare to apply makeup, due to the reward system in the brain function.


Annoying much?


We have feelings too you know. And this is just repetitively hearing (seeing) these words 7 times, and you are annoyed already. Think about us, who innocently judged guilty for we endeavour to look our best.

Think twice or thrice before pointing fingers again because if you truly thinks that females who applies makeup is indeed fake and plastic, then I am sorry that your mother and bride (-to be) were fake during her wedding ceremony. I feel so sorry for you, for you are so lifeless to a certain degree that you were forced to marry a plastic. :(

All women deserved to be appreciated, respected and admired and every woman defines her own beauty. 

Sunday, 7 October 2012

My Headband Collection 1

Many of you have been asking me why was I so emo in my previous post. Frankly, I'm not and that post wasn't supposed to be emotional at the first place. I was just...I don't know, just saying? Anyway, here's another update to drain the unhappiness lol.

I always have this fetish for accessories and nail polishes since I was young. And particularly in love with colourful things. I guess most of you are aware if you have been my reader for awhile or seen me in school...

I remember back in elementary school where my school bags are always filled with ding ding dong dong keychains and my hair clipped everywhere and anywhere lol. Thank God cameras were not so common then.

I think that was actually the beginning of my fondness towards hair, nails and makeup.

Among all the accessories, hair accessories are my favourite! And you know what? Headbands are in trend this season! 'This season the headband gets a fashion makeover. It is worn with a nod to the '60s mod look, or the feminine decadence of the '20s.' says Toni & Guy's Cos Sakkas, says the Asos magazine. ;)

I love love love headbands! They make such a good accessory that can never go wrong! Ok not really, but you get my point. A headband suits any length, hair texture, colour and occasion. Be it going to school, party, house occasions, or even sporty outings! They just glam up your appearance instantly!

I have a collected a couple of headbands and some wear stolen by my nieces wtf. So I decided to create some looks inspired by the looks above. Try matching which look I am imitating hehe 

Look #1 The Sexy Chic 

Look #2 Chiffoney Elegance 

Look #3 The Diamante Statice

Look #4 Girl Next Door

Look #5 Hello Bunny

Look #6 Rugged Minnie 

Those were just part of my collection which are suitable for these inspired looks and of course, the Rugged Minnie wasn't inspired lah lol. I bought that headband during my second visit to Disneyland Paris and I have always wanted it to appear on my blog. (The Disneyland blogpost doesn't count :D)

And I actually did look #7 which was inspired by the last one on the first row but my pictures all turned out blurry. :(

And these are also my collections, which I would do another post on, if I am diligent enough teehee! This half gives a more summerish feeling though 

 So, among these six looks, which is your favourite? Please be kind enough to leave a comment or an opinion. xx