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Saturday, 27 October 2012


Last week has been a rather hectic week. Lectures were not really packed but a pre-test, workshop and interview slot were inserted among them, hence lots of reading required during my 'free time'. Besides, I am also trying to keep myself as occupied as possible. I like being busy, at least I feel that I am not wasting life and time. Also, I tend to feel less emotional when I am busy.

Here are some random pictures from the period between my intense lifestyle. Er,...don't think shopping and chilling with friends are considered intense but wth, as long as I am not seated in front of my computer, watching drama alone while munching on nachos dipped in sour cream or cheese, it's a win.

Quite a few readers/followers have been asking about this collar. It's not a necklace nor detachable collar, it is part of my top. Check it out from Miss Selfridge if you are interested. However, I don't know if you can still get it cause I have bought it for quite some time already.


How are you guys celebrating your trick or treating festival? And what is your costume??? I have always wanted to be a corpse bride but never had the opportunity to yet. I mean even if I am attending some sort of Halloween party, laziness haunts and I can't be bothered to put in so much effort anymore. Think of the costume, makeup or any required gadgets (?) 

Hope everyone had a good celebration. I did not though. I blame the aging symptom, as usual, I choose to stay home, read books and paint my nails. I prefer a quite life, hence I am ambitious to being a tai tai in the future. Jokes.

Went shopping on one of my free day. DO NOT be fooled by the sun, it was a freaking 1 degree that day. By the way, I feel cuter instantly whenever I put on this dress coat lol.

Wasn't sure if I liked this dress, the cut out bit. But I really really like the second lbd. It's so pretty. Unfortunately it is too big for me. They have my size in mint though but I wanted black badly. And that, was.the.last.piece. *insert broken glass sound. That is why I added the hello kitty there. Sigh, if my boobs were a few cups bigger, maybe a G cup will do == Then I might be able to pull the dress. I really really like it.  But it's alright, I believe something better awaits me.

To those of you who think I can't cook...In Your Face! lol.

To be honest, I am more fond of Asian to Western food and I do cook Asian food most of the time. But my Asian food presentations are rather, meh. You won't be interested lol.

Aglio Olio Fusilli with Peruvian Scallop and Unsmoked Bacon 

Cabonara Bucatini with Button Mushroom and Pancetta 

I wanted this hair so much! My mum approved my kind of ridiculous approach since I told her this is the last time I can opt for colour like this cause by the time I step into the society, it will be Hello dark boring hair.

Many of my friends were expecting to see me in ombre hair after summer. Sorry for disappointing you guys lol. It's just that ombre was very outdated already when I arrived Malaysia, that was the reason I went for gradient hair. It's the trend you know. Well, if you don't, you must be living in the cave. Or under some rock in a cave. :/

Anyway, back to the point...

And so, being enthusiastic enough, I decided to do it myself! Cause I THOUGHT I was that talented wtf.

Pictures below were taken after bleaching, before operating to the next step, ie painting it lilac! BUT!!! My lilac dye could not be absorbed!!! Whaiiiiii!?!?!?!! So I am now stuck with this shyttie-some-what-of-a-highlighted-strands bangs. Dafuq.

Gosh, writing a blog post is taking up so much of my energy, my gastrointestinal tracts are grumbling. It's a calling, lol Ok, Imma leave you guys with some more of my vain shots while I pay my kitchen a visit. You're welcome.

And I am back, with a avocado and egg sandwich in my hands. I am a happy kid with a satisfied tummy now wtf. Good night peeps.

This is so wrong, I am living the life of a pig. Eat and Sleep  Wheeeeee Me Gusta! 

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