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Friday, 30 November 2012

Patronising post

I went out the whole afternoon today, after my lectures ended and skipped the final one. nayyy. 

It has been a while since I had the leisure in which to follow my interest, that is to eat and shop wtf. But I am not going to blog about that, yet.

School has been busy lately. But it ain't any surprise because it is coming to an end of the semester already. Yes, IT IS DECEMBER ALREADY! Like...the last month of 2012 duh! And you know what?

Next week is the last week for me as a Master's student to be seated in the lecture theater!  

How time flies. 

I was just confiding to dad how I was and wasn't looking forward to stepping my foot into the society. It's a mixed feeling. I am happy that I am finally growing up but again, I would definitely miss my life as a student. And I realise how much I actually enjoyed myself throughout these years studying abroad.

It's been more than half a decade since I left home. 

And I definitely do...MISS HOME 

I know I mentioned (in Facebook) about a failed Hyuna inspired makeup I did and am going to blog about. Sadly I only realised how rubbish my pictures were as I started re-sizing them. Hence, I wouldn't be able to inaugurate a blog post solely related to it. I am sorry.

And due to the fact that I have been really busy lately, I couldn't spare enough time to create another look. It is actually more time consuming than it seems. I could not promise that there will be more proper blog post coming up soon, well, at least not until Feb 2013. By then, I would (hopefully) have more time and I promise more make up related stuff or anything you guys request for.

Anyway, let's annoy you guys with some of my rather decent photos of the Hyuna inspired look first lol.

Ok...I didn't realise that I only prepared two. A lot less than I expected lol. But I am pretty sure there will be more in upcoming posts la. Cause I definitely took more than two shots HAHA!

ANYWAY, (damn! I talk too much crap and will still be talking crap wtf. I come to a realisation that this is definitely a patronising post with nothing nutritional) the weather here is freezing!!!

I know there is a lot of places colder than the uk, as in the less expected countries like Japan, and the snow in Beijing, but it is really cold here too!

It has been below 0 degrees the past few days and I keep having the urge to buy new apparels to keep myself warm. Then again, the angel within me asks me not to spend more money on winter clothes since I am going back already next year. *dilemma

I missed how sunny it was just earlier this month.

By the way, remember the Hello Kitty cutter I mentioned previously. Just to hint you guys, there's a lot more you can do with it, rather than just preparing a Hello Kitty bento box.

You can even make Hello Kitty cupcakes, Hello Kitty cookies, Hello Kitty sandwich, Hello Kitty whatever you can think of. Just be creative!

Below are a few attempts I attempted. :)

Ending the post with pictures of me (as usual) but this time got reason one! 

The reason is like this...because yesterday a friend commented on my photo saying that my face shape is very V already recently, if you know what that means. In other words, not that fat lar. Then I go browse through my recent photos and really ler~ 真的有點瓜子臉already HAHAHAHAHA Don't want face.

Ok I am retarded and am going to sleep now. Super lethargic cause I had insomnia last night. Good night peeps and Hello December! 

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