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Saturday, 29 September 2012

I am vain like that

Been playing around with cosmetics today...

Lip gloss from Estee Lauder and Nature Collection (mixed both together)

Eyelashes from Dollywink and Liquid Eyeliner from YvesSaintLaurent (YSL)

Eyebrow Dye Kit from Dollywink 

Hmm, I just realised that I have been using quite a lot of products from Dollywink and frankly speaking, they are good. :)

This year marks my forth and also final year in the UK. I do not like this place but I can't say that I hate it either. I know right. I should not be complaining how dreadful this place is because by the time I leave it, I will start missing it again. And eventually starts thinking, why did I even bother hating this place. People are always like this, 失去了才懂得珍惜. So, before I start regretting and reminiscing how awesome England was, I am going to live life to the fullest now and spare no regrets in the future.

Below is a list of things that shall be done before I packed, and leave, and maybe not coming back ever again (unless I find a decent job with a good pay):

1. SHOP.TILL.I.DROP. Lolol This is definitely no.1 in my list because shopping in UK is just freaking awesome! I noticed I have not bought a single thing in Malaysia/Singapore ever since I started studying in the uk! Ok la, maybe I did bought a couple, but not many. Honest.

2. Eat all the salmon and avocado I want. 

  Even better, having them both eaten together. Omnomnom! I can have this everyday!

  The first time I had this was when I was studying in Auckland (NewZealand) and fell in love with it at first sight and taste. It's orgasmic! Especially when the Japanese restaurant below my apartment serves one of the best Jappy I have tasted before! 

3. Travel around Europe as much as possible, that is if my bank account allows. ;) However, the few places that I really really want to go are Budapest, Amsterdam (been nagging about this since year 1), Switzerland and Greece. 

4. Enjoy the breeze, the snow and stop complaining how hard it is to walk, or even pull myself out from bed. Haha I can't be the only one right. The bed just seems thousand thousand times more attractive during the cold and dark.

5.Shop more!!! Er,..ok. I don't know what else I enjoy doing in the United Kingdom, other than shopping, eating and travelling. No wonder I get fatter and fatter each year wtf.

Maybe I will only get to realise what is good about this place once I leave. One thing for sure, the security here is so much better than Malaysia. It is so bad in Malaysia that it scares me. I do not even dare go out alone at night. Who knows what could have happened? :(

I don't know what else to write but I do not like my post being too short. Sigh. Guess I will just upload some random pictures taken over the week then. I tend to apply make up more in Uk because it is not as hot as Malaysia where my make up would just literally melt. :/

And what's best is, the gloomy weather tends to make smokey eyes (even during the day) much more acceptable. *insert love

(Three pics below are left untouched, hence the colour contrast.)


Did I ever mention that I love pastel shades. I just couldn't resist anything pastel-ly. Maybe that is why I am such a huge fan of macarons too lol  #excuses.

These pastel pens are gonna make my lecture notes so much more interesting! Whheeeee~

And the pastel threads, they are just so pretty lol. Retarded. No wonder they always say I am a kid stuck in an adult's body wth.


I am wearing a top you retards. Stop giving me that look. It's a spaghetti strap top FYI.

The floral headband I was wearing in the (first three) pictures above and a enlarged picture of my eyes showing a clearer view of my eye make up ♥ 

 Gosh! I think I would make a perfect contact lens model lolol. Buay paiseh one hahaha :P

And I just realised that this post has NOTHING to do with the title LOLOL!

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

The not so good good-hair-day

Speaking of suay-ness,

1. I was walking along the pedestrian path with my friend, when this car drove through a puddle of water and splashed me. Me, just me fml. Having got soaked, I had to rush home, get change then head towards the bank (in the city). Offended, I say, is how I felt. This is my first experience getting splashed, and hopefully my last. :/ However, I was grateful it happened nearby my house, and not somewhere in the city (or anywhere else) where I had to bear with the wetness and cold.

2. I moved into a new room. And as I was cleaning and moving my belongings, the light bulb abruptly fell and broken into pieces. Devastated was I. If that had happened five minutes earlier, I would have been emitted into the hospital by now. But still, it scared me so much that I did not dare to move for the next couple of minutes, thinking of each possible consequences if I were standing beneath the light. Thank God I am fine. :')

[ *Updated

I call this 'The Happy Song' because it can indeed turn my day around. 

You must feel blue, but after 4 minutes of this song, you might find that grin creeping across your face. Its called Lovable, by Kim Jong Kook 

And another Korean song I really like, Han Saram, Chae Yeon 

Despite a series of rather unfortunate event, today was quite decent. Called mummy early in the morning and she was nagging how I am aging and I should no longer leave the house with zero make up. Diligent enough, I piled my face eyes with layer and layer of chemicals. Likewise, my skin condition is improving, hence I skipped foundation, only concealing some red dots and larger pores.

Sad but true, I have relatively large pores because I used to enjoy squeezing my pimples/blackheads. I still like doing so, just that I am putting in extra effort in self discipline. It requires strong determination, ya know. The satisfaction you achieve when pimple/blackhead explode, ejecting the long accumulated dust which have chemically react with body fluid, creating the disgusting yet so tempting pus. :D

Anyway, mum's definition of applying makeup does not equivalent to mine. What she meant was basic foundation and lip gloss, but to me, make up is a big deal. It's like making your face sharper, more defined, larger eyes, smaller, curvier, juicier lips...

Extra two useless pictures because I think I was having a good hair day. teehee!

Now that I mentioned the word hair, allow me to illustrate more about my hair (hah! excuses. I am just creating excuses to include more pictures of myself bleh!). Anyway, I NOW HAVE GRADIENT HAIR! because ombre is too mainstream lolol.

Left: direct sunlight      Right: indoor (natural light)
Photos do no justice. It is a lot more obvious in reality and I have received COUNTLESS compliments, no joke! Omg why am I so talented *flips hair lol. Do not slap me please, I apologise for my narcissism and being talented is not a sin, please. Sigh, why am I so hopelessly bu-yao-lian (don't want face). Nah, it isn't difficult to archieve, all you need is TIME and PATIENCE.

Hope fun experimenting! See you guys soon! (:

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

There is no real success without rejections

Reading everyday's papers, I realized that commit suicides due to break offs/broken hearts have become (much) more common than before.

I say, committing suicide is not only hell but also plain stupid! For the other party may be having a hell of a time while you were committing suicide, and secondly, that way your love will never be able to come back to you. Last but not least, think about your family, and friends, who care about you. 

Sure you will feel devastated after a broken relationship. Your heart may ache and you will get sleepless nights. All these are understandable as in a relationship, you are emotionally attached. A part of you is attached to the other party and it's been cut, yet still attached. The pain is as though your arms were cut, while you were holding on the other party.

Just bear in mind,

"There is no real success without rejections. The more rejections you get, the more you have learnt, the closer you are to your outcome."

Shift your thoughts and concentration, emphasize on building your future. And one day when you decided to pay your ex a visit, you are bound to realize he is no longer the same person you knew, be it physically or mentally. (S)he may no longer be the person you loved. 

Elizabeth Taylor in her earlier years and now. Picture credit to google.

One day, we might look back and thank god for those failed relationships that have helped you grow yet not getting stuck to the d*ckhead. And you will realize, good times, bad times, they are all the pass now.

"To be upset over what you don't have is to waste what you have." 
-Ken Keyes Jr.

Quality family time during my summer vacation back home. And what best was my second brother and his family flew back too. It's our SECOND family gathering in TEN FREAKING YEARS! 

"By all means marry; 
If you get a good wife, you'll become happy; 
If you get a bad wife, you'll become a philosopher"