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Friday, 30 November 2012

Patronising post

I went out the whole afternoon today, after my lectures ended and skipped the final one. nayyy. 

It has been a while since I had the leisure in which to follow my interest, that is to eat and shop wtf. But I am not going to blog about that, yet.

School has been busy lately. But it ain't any surprise because it is coming to an end of the semester already. Yes, IT IS DECEMBER ALREADY! Like...the last month of 2012 duh! And you know what?

Next week is the last week for me as a Master's student to be seated in the lecture theater!  

How time flies. 

I was just confiding to dad how I was and wasn't looking forward to stepping my foot into the society. It's a mixed feeling. I am happy that I am finally growing up but again, I would definitely miss my life as a student. And I realise how much I actually enjoyed myself throughout these years studying abroad.

It's been more than half a decade since I left home. 

And I definitely do...MISS HOME 

I know I mentioned (in Facebook) about a failed Hyuna inspired makeup I did and am going to blog about. Sadly I only realised how rubbish my pictures were as I started re-sizing them. Hence, I wouldn't be able to inaugurate a blog post solely related to it. I am sorry.

And due to the fact that I have been really busy lately, I couldn't spare enough time to create another look. It is actually more time consuming than it seems. I could not promise that there will be more proper blog post coming up soon, well, at least not until Feb 2013. By then, I would (hopefully) have more time and I promise more make up related stuff or anything you guys request for.

Anyway, let's annoy you guys with some of my rather decent photos of the Hyuna inspired look first lol.

Ok...I didn't realise that I only prepared two. A lot less than I expected lol. But I am pretty sure there will be more in upcoming posts la. Cause I definitely took more than two shots HAHA!

ANYWAY, (damn! I talk too much crap and will still be talking crap wtf. I come to a realisation that this is definitely a patronising post with nothing nutritional) the weather here is freezing!!!

I know there is a lot of places colder than the uk, as in the less expected countries like Japan, and the snow in Beijing, but it is really cold here too!

It has been below 0 degrees the past few days and I keep having the urge to buy new apparels to keep myself warm. Then again, the angel within me asks me not to spend more money on winter clothes since I am going back already next year. *dilemma

I missed how sunny it was just earlier this month.

By the way, remember the Hello Kitty cutter I mentioned previously. Just to hint you guys, there's a lot more you can do with it, rather than just preparing a Hello Kitty bento box.

You can even make Hello Kitty cupcakes, Hello Kitty cookies, Hello Kitty sandwich, Hello Kitty whatever you can think of. Just be creative!

Below are a few attempts I attempted. :)

Ending the post with pictures of me (as usual) but this time got reason one! 

The reason is like this...because yesterday a friend commented on my photo saying that my face shape is very V already recently, if you know what that means. In other words, not that fat lar. Then I go browse through my recent photos and really ler~ 真的有點瓜子臉already HAHAHAHAHA Don't want face.

Ok I am retarded and am going to sleep now. Super lethargic cause I had insomnia last night. Good night peeps and Hello December! 

Friday, 23 November 2012

Happiness ❤

To most of you,

Happiness is when you get a very highly paid job, 

in the United States / United Kingdom,

Living in a mansion with luxurious cars

with all the hot babes approaching you.

To me, 

Happiness is being close to my loved ones,

Cherishing every simple moments together.

Be it, having a simple meal by the hawker stall


Sharing popcorn while watching a film.


Tuesday, 20 November 2012

A peace of mind

Ok... I have just typed 'Hello' and backspaced it for the sixth time. :/

This proves how well my brain is functioning at the moment lol. 

It's funny how I always naturally stumble upon my blog when I am stressed or mentally exhausted. I love this place. I love my blog! and I just spent time reading through all my blog post again, and I realised that I am actually not as bimbotic as I thought I was wtf.

 *squeezing every single brain cell, trying to inaugurate a blog post...*

Damn it. Not working, seriously. This brain is literally drained. I can't even think of anything to say, not even something malnutrition. End of story.

Life is meant to be abundant - in all area 

A collection of pictures I took few weeks back, of a shop located in the city center. It is called Nu creative if I had not remember wrongly. But pardon me if I am wrong, as you know, my brain status tonight is...too damaged to think of an appropriate word. You fill in yourself hehe.

 Just bear in mind that,

We become what we think. 

We can internalise those thoughts.

I'll be back soon, promise. Stay tuned. xx

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Happy seeing you in Notts


Hence I am taking a break from studies to fill this space.

I can't believe it's the second last chapter of the year already. And half of this month has past. The memories I had of last year, this period of time remains so fresh in my mind still, as though it just happened yesterday!

How time flies.

And next year this time, I will be back in Malaysia working already. Time passes so swiftly, I could not accept. I miss life back then, back in high school, where everything was just simple. I miss all the awesome companions.

We have parted for more than 4 years now. Most of you have graduated, with a job and some are (going to get) married. I wonder how would everyone be 10 years later? I am pretty sure I will be seeing a lot of bald men with beer belly *chuckles and plump ladies due to pregnancy aftermath haha. The thought of it makes me laugh.

I miss everyone of you. Let's have a reunion, ten years since the day we left high school. You and I, and our spouse and kids, bring one, bring all. Let's make this happen!

I shall first declare that this is a patronising post. It's mainly pictures and captions because I ought to save time. My university life have never been this busy, there are so many deadlines approaching and even more self reading required. If Masters is already this busy, I wonder how is PHD like. Nah, I shall not waste any more brain cells thinking of the things unrelated to me. 

Mui Hoon (MH) came to Notts last week! To attend the Nottingham Malaysian Games. Actually, she did not just attend, she took part in it! Representing Cardiff U in badminton. So proud of her 

Few shots of her during the game. You see her. Pattern much much, pick up shuttlecock also so graceful lol. She won that game by the way! Yayyy for her! (:

I am not a sports person so I would not have bothered joining the NMG if it wasn't to meet up/support MH. But since I am here, must as well pop over to the men's basketball right. Since they become so many fold better looking the moment the game starts. Haha

Just in case, you know, you miss me... ;)

But it was my menstrual week, which explains my bad complexion. :(

We were famished by the time MH finished competing, so we took a cab and headed straight to the city and chose a restaurant which serves free flow amount of food wtf. 

No lar. We went to Harvester where we get to choose our main (choice of poultry, lamb, beef, fish), sauce (there's like a thousand to choose from, however, I do recommend the blue cheese and peri-peri), with a side of mostly potatoes cooked in different ways haha and free flow salad.

I had lamb which was tender...but meh...

The chocolate fudge as well, friend ordered but I tried. Sweet, just sweet. It's not even chocolatey to begin with. Fail. :/ 

MH and I decided to skip dessert in Harvester but had McFlurry. Oh so surreal. 

I am craving for McFlurry this instant!

Ok, back to revision, not. 

This MH whatsapping me now, poisoning me too lol. Be back soon. xx

My ootd. Blur to the max I know but this is the only picture I have, oops. Didn't intended to take a ootd picture but since I found one, here you go. :/

Friday, 9 November 2012

Taiwan sex scandal

95% of Taiwanese men recognise this room.

I have always wanted to talk about this topic but never had the guts to. Think I am just afraid of being divergent.

Yes, I know it is probably a little late to be expressing my point of views related to this incident now. It happened during August, in case you are living in a cave had not read about it. But hey, nothing is ever too late right? :)

Anyway, a summary to this highly scrutinised sex scandal.

The main character of this scandal is Justin Lee aka 李宗瑞 (27), son of a multi-billionaire in Taiwan. He was a fugitive allegedly involved in socialite drugging and raping several women and about 60 women were oblivious of being videoed and photographed.

Just as you start to think, 'What is there to discuss about his topic? He is just another one of those atrocious sex maniac who deserved to be castrated and then get analed in prison or just execute him directly.'

However, I see this differently. No doubt he deserves severe punishment but I see more than 'just another' brutal rapist.

(FYI, he is now facing up to 30 years in prison for drug rape.)


At the beginning, Justin denied the sex crime charges filed against him, claiming that all the women were all consensual partners and they were aware of the presence of the camera. According to Justin, he was authorised to film the process and the models and actresses were willingly posing sultrily in order to please him.

He even revealed that some actresses threw themselves at him and was unable to get rid of her.

I believed this one sided story. Gullible, you think I am.

But think of it from another angle. The life span of an actress is very limited. They tend to lose their number of fans as their age increases, unless you are really talented. However, it is undeniable that most celebrities gain fame via their outer beauty and revealing big amount of flesh. Just saying.

As they grow older, they tend to get replaced, then forgotten. And most celebrities are big spenders because money came in so easily when they were at the peak of their career, hence the value of greens was not appreciated. However, what they have neglected was the fact that the duration of time maintained on that point is nonetheless just a blink of an eye. This is the reason why most celebrities tend to live a sorrowful live once they leave the entertainment industry, for the inconceivable amount of money earned is also wasted in an unimaginable amount of time.

Therefore, for a smarter investment, female celebrities try hard to get attached and settle down with a rich men before they loses their natural glow, in assurance for a good quality of life in the future.

I do not sound that gullible to you now, do I?

The only way I can think of to conclude this point is, none of these would have happened if Justin wasn't an heir of a billion dollar company.

Power of the legal world

(These thoughts emerged before Justin admitted that he drugged the women with rape drug purchased online.)

In accordance to Justin Lee's society status, I assumed his dad would have employed (all) the best lawyer(s) in order to prove his son's innocence. And it is well known that all the good lawyers have the capability to turn white to black, hence I have always thought that Justin will soon be released and return to his usual lifestyle, being a socialite.

Apparently not. I didn't see that coming, that he would have admitted guilty himself. Sigh, was rather disappointed though. Not really disappointed disappointed la, if you know what I mean. I am just looking forward to amaze myself with the miracles lawyers make. How they are able to retrieve a dying man from hell.

Childhood education/upbringing

Justin is actually an illegitimate child. His father abandoned him and his mother after his birth, to return to his own wife. FYI, Justin's dad is a father to five, with four mother. Wah, win.

His mother was an owner of several drinking bar in Taiwan. She was so occupied with work that she did not have time to be spent with Justin. All she could offer Justin was to satisfy him with his materialistic lust. Also due to her lack of time to take care of Justin, he grew up staying with his uncle who ill treated him.

Justin led a miserable childhood but all these changed in a split second, when his grandmother realised he was the eldest grandson of the Lee family tree. She demanded that he 認祖歸宗.

It was as if Justin had awaken from his nightmare, stepping his foot into neverland. He has everything he wants and all the attention he needs. He soon realises, quote Justin, '我要的東西,沒有得不到的', that is 'I get whatever I want'.

He became rebellious and was causing problems.

Instead of spending time communicating between two generations, Justin's mum decided to send him to the States, hoping he would developed independence. Unfortunately, Justin's behaviour never changed, it exacerbated instead. He developed an even bigger splurging habit of TWD 7 million per year!

Children who grew up in a broken family feel vulnerable physically and mentally. They are invariably frightened and confused by the threat to their security, they feel that their lifeline is in danger of being cut. Researches show that these children are noted more instances of delinquent behaviour, early sex activity and continued academic issues.

Although a legal settlement of the child's custody may be mutually consented upon both parents but the children stand to miss be deprived of their right to have a happy and emotionally healthy family relationship. A child needs both the parents equally.

Parental love and support is a key to the healthy physical and mental development of a child. When a single parent has to play the role of both and fulfill the responsibilities of each while juggling a a job simultaneously, it is impossible to do so in the long term as either the career or the parenting will take a back seat. And could it get any worse when a single parent decided to leave his/her child under guidance of another party who mistreats them.

Justin did not choose to be born in such a family. All people sees in him, is an f*cking rich heir who knows nothing but splurge and bangs women, without anything to worry in life. Do not judge a book by its cover. You have no idea what he has been through.

Do you really think Justin was happy? With all the money he has and 'friends' who constantly suck up to him. Do you think he was truly satisfied with life?

I believe all he had were just temporary pride and egoism which demolishes once he is alone in his room. It is not even surprise if all he had done (taping sex video and showing it to his friends) are just in seek of something he lacks of since the day he was born, attention.

In addition to that, I hope all parents and you (who will become a parent too one day) understands. Do not send your children overseas just because he was causing troubles at home. What (s)he needs is extended love and care from you. All those problems caused might just be an excuse, solely to gain your attention.

I realise some parents, especially those with better financial, tends to send their children abroad at an early stage once noted that they were embarrassing the family. This parents tend to think that their child might hopefully gain independence once they started living alone. But what they have not considered is that, these 'problematic' children do not learn to grow up when their filial parents are still sending them large amounts of money to ensure they are not suffering alone in some random stranger country. See the irony. Not only are not helping them overcome their problem, but you are exacerbating it.

A parent's love to their child

Despite what a huge mistake was made, the humiliation brought to his family and the harm caused to the society, have you noticed how Justin's parents never gave up on him, but provided him unlimited support. Sad but (may be) true, this might be the only time he felt as much loved and cared from his parents.

Personal safety

Do you feel at risk?

After reading articles related to this scandal, its noted how he targets victims in the club, drugging them with drugs purchased online and then take sexual advantages. All these were done in an unmindful state of the victim and it is already too late to react once the victim gained consciousness.

It is scary to think how much technologies have affected our lives. I am pretty sure no one can now survive without a smartphone or any of those cool gadgets. And have you thought of how much we have endangered our lives via these existence. The access one gets through the internet is inconceivable.


Choose your friends wisely! I remember reading related articles of Justin scolding his 'good friends' who had abandoned him in his time of need lol.


Justin has been performing such callous acts for years and he would not have been arrested if he had not recorded or taken photos for his own pleasure.

Yes, these photos may be taken mainly for your own memories where you would look back one day and think how juvenile you once were.

Therefore, I advice all you lovey dovey couples to avoid taking obscene photos during le sexy time or what so ever. Who knows they might accidentally fall onto someone's hand, which may ruin the rest of your life. Like what happened to this girl here.

I have no idea how I managed to blabber so much and I doubt any of you actually took time to finish reading it lol.

In my personal opinion, 

Justin is not bad at heart, he is ill.

He needs help and support from both his family and the society. Stop pointing fingers. Think of how much he has been through, especially during the first decade of his life. The most important and powerful years of ones' life. The child's memories fashion the adult's life. Every day of adult life is touched by the memories of childhood experience. And yet, his was a total nightmare. I believe that to Justin it isn't just a decade of bad experience but a dark shadow that follows him for the rest of his life, forever and forever.

30 years is a very long time. He would be 60 by the time he is released from prison. I disagree that he deserves to be kept behind bars for such a long period. He deserves another chance, a chance to change and even repay back to the society.

And I realised I called him Justin throughout the whole post, as though we very friend like that LOL.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Hello Kitty bento set

Anything Hello Kitty related never fails to impress me. I know, I am a sucker for Hello Kitty, since I was 7 or 8. I remember owning everything Hello Kitty, from hat to shoes, from head to toe. I know right, just visualising it only, I can imagine how hideous looking I was.

Anyway, that's not the point of today's post. Today's post is about the Hello Kitty bento I made few weeks ago. Posted it on every owned social network of mine and I have been complimented and questioned profusely. So many people have been asking how I did it. 

Frankly speaking, I am not very satisfied with the outcome yet but I suppose it's a pass for a first timer. (:

I do not have many tools for bento making. In fact, these hello kitty cookie cutters are the only ones I owned. And yeah, they were meant to cut cookies but anyhow la, as long as I managed to mold a cat face lol.

So this is how this dish is prepared.

Tools: Scissors, Knife, Toothpicks, Mayonnaise, Hello Kitty cookie cutters


1. Hello Kitty 1: Rice (duh!)

2. My Melody: Pink rice by stir frying rice with a gallop of ketchup and some onion

3. Octopus: Hot dog

4. Japanese inspired tamagoyaki: Egg and ham

5.Hello Kitty 2 (orange): Cantaloupe

6. Hello Kitty 3 (shown clearly in bottom pic): Croquettes


1. Use the hello kitty cutter to shape the rice and croquette. As for the cantaloupe, it is impossible to cut using the cookies cutter because cantaloupes are too hard. Therefore, just press the mold hardly onto the fruit then carve it out using a knife.

2. For melody, use cling wrap to shape the rice.

3. Cut nori sheets and cheese for the eyes and mouth, ham for the ribbon.

4. (Optional) Mayonnaise can be used as adhesion.

5. Using a toothpick, dip into mayonnaise and dot eyes onto the hot dog.

6. Decorate the bento as you desire.

I hope this helps. It is really a lot easier than it seems. All you need are time and patience. Have fun creating your own bento set! 

Saturday, 3 November 2012


I remember saying how I am aging and not celebrating Halloween. Apparently, I am not that old after all.

It was sort of a last minute decision and everyone was required to dress up! I wanted to become something indifferent since it will be my last time celebrating Halloween. I really wanted to dress up-dress up but yet, I did not want to spend money buying costumes. Brainstormed a while since I didn't want to go for the vampire / angel / devil /cat woman look, cause they were too mainstream. :/

Finally came up with this excellent idea. Spooky yet cost effective, win win situation. :)

Recognise her? Hint: childhood memories.

I really have nothing much to say, will just let the pictures speak. 

The only group picture taken that night and it turned out blurry. 

Oh highlight of the night, ain't exactly the highlight but to me it is because we were served Hello Kitty!! It's actually a cocktail which contain malibu and something something something, I do not remember. :(

Bought a bottle of fake blood and made (almost) everyone to put it on. Especially those who were not very dressed up or too pretty for Halloween. Come on, people are supposed to look scary or (and) ugly on Halloween! 

Notice the blood and scars on her. It looks so real, as if her skin is flaking. 

Then she abruptly started modelling lol. 

Quote: 'Take a picture of me with your bag ler, I wanna show it to my mum and convince her to buy me one.'

Hahahahaha! So cute. 

Note the photobombing retard behind Lololol!

Tiffany brings along a knife with her, while the pirated Lydia holds a cake wtf.

There you go, I was Tiffany, Chucky's bride. Don't tell me you don't know Chucky do you? Childsplay? Come on, if you really don't know Chucky, you definitely own an unexciting childhood.