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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

A peace of mind

Ok... I have just typed 'Hello' and backspaced it for the sixth time. :/

This proves how well my brain is functioning at the moment lol. 

It's funny how I always naturally stumble upon my blog when I am stressed or mentally exhausted. I love this place. I love my blog! and I just spent time reading through all my blog post again, and I realised that I am actually not as bimbotic as I thought I was wtf.

 *squeezing every single brain cell, trying to inaugurate a blog post...*

Damn it. Not working, seriously. This brain is literally drained. I can't even think of anything to say, not even something malnutrition. End of story.

Life is meant to be abundant - in all area 

A collection of pictures I took few weeks back, of a shop located in the city center. It is called Nu creative if I had not remember wrongly. But pardon me if I am wrong, as you know, my brain status tonight is...too damaged to think of an appropriate word. You fill in yourself hehe.

 Just bear in mind that,

We become what we think. 

We can internalise those thoughts.

I'll be back soon, promise. Stay tuned. xx

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