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Saturday, 17 November 2012

Happy seeing you in Notts


Hence I am taking a break from studies to fill this space.

I can't believe it's the second last chapter of the year already. And half of this month has past. The memories I had of last year, this period of time remains so fresh in my mind still, as though it just happened yesterday!

How time flies.

And next year this time, I will be back in Malaysia working already. Time passes so swiftly, I could not accept. I miss life back then, back in high school, where everything was just simple. I miss all the awesome companions.

We have parted for more than 4 years now. Most of you have graduated, with a job and some are (going to get) married. I wonder how would everyone be 10 years later? I am pretty sure I will be seeing a lot of bald men with beer belly *chuckles and plump ladies due to pregnancy aftermath haha. The thought of it makes me laugh.

I miss everyone of you. Let's have a reunion, ten years since the day we left high school. You and I, and our spouse and kids, bring one, bring all. Let's make this happen!

I shall first declare that this is a patronising post. It's mainly pictures and captions because I ought to save time. My university life have never been this busy, there are so many deadlines approaching and even more self reading required. If Masters is already this busy, I wonder how is PHD like. Nah, I shall not waste any more brain cells thinking of the things unrelated to me. 

Mui Hoon (MH) came to Notts last week! To attend the Nottingham Malaysian Games. Actually, she did not just attend, she took part in it! Representing Cardiff U in badminton. So proud of her 

Few shots of her during the game. You see her. Pattern much much, pick up shuttlecock also so graceful lol. She won that game by the way! Yayyy for her! (:

I am not a sports person so I would not have bothered joining the NMG if it wasn't to meet up/support MH. But since I am here, must as well pop over to the men's basketball right. Since they become so many fold better looking the moment the game starts. Haha

Just in case, you know, you miss me... ;)

But it was my menstrual week, which explains my bad complexion. :(

We were famished by the time MH finished competing, so we took a cab and headed straight to the city and chose a restaurant which serves free flow amount of food wtf. 

No lar. We went to Harvester where we get to choose our main (choice of poultry, lamb, beef, fish), sauce (there's like a thousand to choose from, however, I do recommend the blue cheese and peri-peri), with a side of mostly potatoes cooked in different ways haha and free flow salad.

I had lamb which was tender...but meh...

The chocolate fudge as well, friend ordered but I tried. Sweet, just sweet. It's not even chocolatey to begin with. Fail. :/ 

MH and I decided to skip dessert in Harvester but had McFlurry. Oh so surreal. 

I am craving for McFlurry this instant!

Ok, back to revision, not. 

This MH whatsapping me now, poisoning me too lol. Be back soon. xx

My ootd. Blur to the max I know but this is the only picture I have, oops. Didn't intended to take a ootd picture but since I found one, here you go. :/

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