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Friday, 9 November 2012

Taiwan sex scandal

95% of Taiwanese men recognise this room.

I have always wanted to talk about this topic but never had the guts to. Think I am just afraid of being divergent.

Yes, I know it is probably a little late to be expressing my point of views related to this incident now. It happened during August, in case you are living in a cave had not read about it. But hey, nothing is ever too late right? :)

Anyway, a summary to this highly scrutinised sex scandal.

The main character of this scandal is Justin Lee aka 李宗瑞 (27), son of a multi-billionaire in Taiwan. He was a fugitive allegedly involved in socialite drugging and raping several women and about 60 women were oblivious of being videoed and photographed.

Just as you start to think, 'What is there to discuss about his topic? He is just another one of those atrocious sex maniac who deserved to be castrated and then get analed in prison or just execute him directly.'

However, I see this differently. No doubt he deserves severe punishment but I see more than 'just another' brutal rapist.

(FYI, he is now facing up to 30 years in prison for drug rape.)


At the beginning, Justin denied the sex crime charges filed against him, claiming that all the women were all consensual partners and they were aware of the presence of the camera. According to Justin, he was authorised to film the process and the models and actresses were willingly posing sultrily in order to please him.

He even revealed that some actresses threw themselves at him and was unable to get rid of her.

I believed this one sided story. Gullible, you think I am.

But think of it from another angle. The life span of an actress is very limited. They tend to lose their number of fans as their age increases, unless you are really talented. However, it is undeniable that most celebrities gain fame via their outer beauty and revealing big amount of flesh. Just saying.

As they grow older, they tend to get replaced, then forgotten. And most celebrities are big spenders because money came in so easily when they were at the peak of their career, hence the value of greens was not appreciated. However, what they have neglected was the fact that the duration of time maintained on that point is nonetheless just a blink of an eye. This is the reason why most celebrities tend to live a sorrowful live once they leave the entertainment industry, for the inconceivable amount of money earned is also wasted in an unimaginable amount of time.

Therefore, for a smarter investment, female celebrities try hard to get attached and settle down with a rich men before they loses their natural glow, in assurance for a good quality of life in the future.

I do not sound that gullible to you now, do I?

The only way I can think of to conclude this point is, none of these would have happened if Justin wasn't an heir of a billion dollar company.

Power of the legal world

(These thoughts emerged before Justin admitted that he drugged the women with rape drug purchased online.)

In accordance to Justin Lee's society status, I assumed his dad would have employed (all) the best lawyer(s) in order to prove his son's innocence. And it is well known that all the good lawyers have the capability to turn white to black, hence I have always thought that Justin will soon be released and return to his usual lifestyle, being a socialite.

Apparently not. I didn't see that coming, that he would have admitted guilty himself. Sigh, was rather disappointed though. Not really disappointed disappointed la, if you know what I mean. I am just looking forward to amaze myself with the miracles lawyers make. How they are able to retrieve a dying man from hell.

Childhood education/upbringing

Justin is actually an illegitimate child. His father abandoned him and his mother after his birth, to return to his own wife. FYI, Justin's dad is a father to five, with four mother. Wah, win.

His mother was an owner of several drinking bar in Taiwan. She was so occupied with work that she did not have time to be spent with Justin. All she could offer Justin was to satisfy him with his materialistic lust. Also due to her lack of time to take care of Justin, he grew up staying with his uncle who ill treated him.

Justin led a miserable childhood but all these changed in a split second, when his grandmother realised he was the eldest grandson of the Lee family tree. She demanded that he 認祖歸宗.

It was as if Justin had awaken from his nightmare, stepping his foot into neverland. He has everything he wants and all the attention he needs. He soon realises, quote Justin, '我要的東西,沒有得不到的', that is 'I get whatever I want'.

He became rebellious and was causing problems.

Instead of spending time communicating between two generations, Justin's mum decided to send him to the States, hoping he would developed independence. Unfortunately, Justin's behaviour never changed, it exacerbated instead. He developed an even bigger splurging habit of TWD 7 million per year!

Children who grew up in a broken family feel vulnerable physically and mentally. They are invariably frightened and confused by the threat to their security, they feel that their lifeline is in danger of being cut. Researches show that these children are noted more instances of delinquent behaviour, early sex activity and continued academic issues.

Although a legal settlement of the child's custody may be mutually consented upon both parents but the children stand to miss be deprived of their right to have a happy and emotionally healthy family relationship. A child needs both the parents equally.

Parental love and support is a key to the healthy physical and mental development of a child. When a single parent has to play the role of both and fulfill the responsibilities of each while juggling a a job simultaneously, it is impossible to do so in the long term as either the career or the parenting will take a back seat. And could it get any worse when a single parent decided to leave his/her child under guidance of another party who mistreats them.

Justin did not choose to be born in such a family. All people sees in him, is an f*cking rich heir who knows nothing but splurge and bangs women, without anything to worry in life. Do not judge a book by its cover. You have no idea what he has been through.

Do you really think Justin was happy? With all the money he has and 'friends' who constantly suck up to him. Do you think he was truly satisfied with life?

I believe all he had were just temporary pride and egoism which demolishes once he is alone in his room. It is not even surprise if all he had done (taping sex video and showing it to his friends) are just in seek of something he lacks of since the day he was born, attention.

In addition to that, I hope all parents and you (who will become a parent too one day) understands. Do not send your children overseas just because he was causing troubles at home. What (s)he needs is extended love and care from you. All those problems caused might just be an excuse, solely to gain your attention.

I realise some parents, especially those with better financial, tends to send their children abroad at an early stage once noted that they were embarrassing the family. This parents tend to think that their child might hopefully gain independence once they started living alone. But what they have not considered is that, these 'problematic' children do not learn to grow up when their filial parents are still sending them large amounts of money to ensure they are not suffering alone in some random stranger country. See the irony. Not only are not helping them overcome their problem, but you are exacerbating it.

A parent's love to their child

Despite what a huge mistake was made, the humiliation brought to his family and the harm caused to the society, have you noticed how Justin's parents never gave up on him, but provided him unlimited support. Sad but (may be) true, this might be the only time he felt as much loved and cared from his parents.

Personal safety

Do you feel at risk?

After reading articles related to this scandal, its noted how he targets victims in the club, drugging them with drugs purchased online and then take sexual advantages. All these were done in an unmindful state of the victim and it is already too late to react once the victim gained consciousness.

It is scary to think how much technologies have affected our lives. I am pretty sure no one can now survive without a smartphone or any of those cool gadgets. And have you thought of how much we have endangered our lives via these existence. The access one gets through the internet is inconceivable.


Choose your friends wisely! I remember reading related articles of Justin scolding his 'good friends' who had abandoned him in his time of need lol.


Justin has been performing such callous acts for years and he would not have been arrested if he had not recorded or taken photos for his own pleasure.

Yes, these photos may be taken mainly for your own memories where you would look back one day and think how juvenile you once were.

Therefore, I advice all you lovey dovey couples to avoid taking obscene photos during le sexy time or what so ever. Who knows they might accidentally fall onto someone's hand, which may ruin the rest of your life. Like what happened to this girl here.

I have no idea how I managed to blabber so much and I doubt any of you actually took time to finish reading it lol.

In my personal opinion, 

Justin is not bad at heart, he is ill.

He needs help and support from both his family and the society. Stop pointing fingers. Think of how much he has been through, especially during the first decade of his life. The most important and powerful years of ones' life. The child's memories fashion the adult's life. Every day of adult life is touched by the memories of childhood experience. And yet, his was a total nightmare. I believe that to Justin it isn't just a decade of bad experience but a dark shadow that follows him for the rest of his life, forever and forever.

30 years is a very long time. He would be 60 by the time he is released from prison. I disagree that he deserves to be kept behind bars for such a long period. He deserves another chance, a chance to change and even repay back to the society.

And I realised I called him Justin throughout the whole post, as though we very friend like that LOL.

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