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Thursday, 4 October 2012

Shopping 101 ❤

I realise...


And, I am sure most of you are aware too teehee. Reason being, I tend to put on make up more often here and I have no one (family member/close friends) to pillow talk. :/

Went shopping yesterday after my lectures. Haven't been shopping much since I arrived because I am saving up for something else. Also because I have no idea how to bring my things back next year. My closets are overflowing already! I made a deal to myself too that I should not buy any technological gadget or cosmetics unless they die on me or I really really REALLY need it.

Today's details 

Why I chose to shop on a Wednesday instead of during the weekends?

Weekends are always over crowded. Especially in stores like Primark and H&M. FYI, Primark is a store in England which sells very cheap stuffs. Like you can easily get a pair of trousers/top/dress anything you can think of below 15 pounds. And...I have never ever shopped in Primark before and barely in H&M. It's not that I think it's too cheap for my standard wtf I am not that materialistic please. It's just that Primark is always crowded! With people and their apparels. It kills my shopping mood whenever I see a store disorganised. :(

Peplum is the trend now but I am not a fan of it. The ruffles attached at the waistline makes me look 38927 times fatter cause I strongly believe my waist to be the most flattering part of my body wtf. And say hello to my gradient braided hair. It was a lot more obvious before I filtered it but anyhow la. :p

My work station 

If you follow me on Instagram, Facebook you would know that I am currently into tribal designs. It's youthful, colourful and creative. What's not to love it about? Especially when I did it in such pastel-ly shade. Major love 

Say hello to my horrendous eye bags *whines :"(

P/s: I did shopped at Primark yesterday, empty-handed. I did not even try a piece and stayed there for less than 10 mins. Told you the messiness suppresses my adrenaline. :(

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