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Sunday, 7 October 2012

My Headband Collection 1

Many of you have been asking me why was I so emo in my previous post. Frankly, I'm not and that post wasn't supposed to be emotional at the first place. I was just...I don't know, just saying? Anyway, here's another update to drain the unhappiness lol.

I always have this fetish for accessories and nail polishes since I was young. And particularly in love with colourful things. I guess most of you are aware if you have been my reader for awhile or seen me in school...

I remember back in elementary school where my school bags are always filled with ding ding dong dong keychains and my hair clipped everywhere and anywhere lol. Thank God cameras were not so common then.

I think that was actually the beginning of my fondness towards hair, nails and makeup.

Among all the accessories, hair accessories are my favourite! And you know what? Headbands are in trend this season! 'This season the headband gets a fashion makeover. It is worn with a nod to the '60s mod look, or the feminine decadence of the '20s.' says Toni & Guy's Cos Sakkas, says the Asos magazine. ;)

I love love love headbands! They make such a good accessory that can never go wrong! Ok not really, but you get my point. A headband suits any length, hair texture, colour and occasion. Be it going to school, party, house occasions, or even sporty outings! They just glam up your appearance instantly!

I have a collected a couple of headbands and some wear stolen by my nieces wtf. So I decided to create some looks inspired by the looks above. Try matching which look I am imitating hehe 

Look #1 The Sexy Chic 

Look #2 Chiffoney Elegance 

Look #3 The Diamante Statice

Look #4 Girl Next Door

Look #5 Hello Bunny

Look #6 Rugged Minnie 

Those were just part of my collection which are suitable for these inspired looks and of course, the Rugged Minnie wasn't inspired lah lol. I bought that headband during my second visit to Disneyland Paris and I have always wanted it to appear on my blog. (The Disneyland blogpost doesn't count :D)

And I actually did look #7 which was inspired by the last one on the first row but my pictures all turned out blurry. :(

And these are also my collections, which I would do another post on, if I am diligent enough teehee! This half gives a more summerish feeling though 

 So, among these six looks, which is your favourite? Please be kind enough to leave a comment or an opinion. xx

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