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Friday, 12 October 2012

Why girls apply make up?

Girls who wear makeup are FAKE!
Girls who wear makeup are PLASTIC!
Girls makeup because they are UGLY ON THE INSIDE!

wts!?! But seriously, this is what we get so frequently. Just because we wear makeup, it doesn't mean that we are fake, plastic nor ugly on the inside? We apply makeup to enhance our natural beauty, to conceal our flaw, hence being more physically alluring.Why do guys or even girls who do not use makeup tend to make such a big fuss over it. I just don't get it.

Statements we often hear:

1. God created human being to be good looking in their own ways and you should love how you 'naturally' look too.

Yes, and God created you with crooked teeth too. Why do you even bother using braces or invasalign. God created you with black/blonde hair. Why did you dyed it?

This is so unfair. Getting braces and hair colouring is acceptable only because these are done by both sexes. Isn't this the same theory? Yet you do not see people going around calling you fake cause you once had braces.

2. Girls wear makeup because we forget that our confidence lies within us and not upon those layers of chemicals. Forget the makeup, show us the real you!

I will not deny that applying makeup does boost the self esteem of an individual. But I still do not get the logic? Guys shave too. Can I then say guys tend to lose their confidence as their facial hair grows? I do not even know what am I talking about wtf.

Beauty ------> Confidence ------> Success ------> Happiness

In case you do not realise, make up helps build up confidence, which indirectly leads to success hence happiness.

Making up does not only increases our confidence, it is also a kind of courtesy. I am sure the sight of a room occupied by ladies in dull complexion and dark eye bags is quite unpleasant. In contrast, would not it just enlighten your day instantly if you enter a room greeted by happy girls which bright, healthy complexion? A good appearance is a way of respecting yourselves and only when you learn to respect yourself, other parties will start respecting you.

Try visualising this, if you were to assign one of your employee to meet a client, who would it be?

Picture credit to
Left, who looks barely alert nor intellectual (no offence though) or right, who is looking readily prepared and boosted with confidence.

In addition, a study here indicated that ladies who apply makeup to work tend to get pay 20% more than ladies without makeup. So it is not appropriate to point fingers that applying makeup is solely us girls' fault. You too, are paying us a higher salary as a consequence.

And what else is new? Erm,..girls makeup to attract a man's (or men) attention more? Gee that's new. Oh come on. Stop denying and say you admire natural beauty and all and how much a girl with makeup looks like a statue. As if none of you were into pretty/hot/sexy celebrities like snsd, megan fox, scarlett johansson etc. Do you think you would still idolise them if they appear on tv like these?

Pictures credit to

Ok, they are not that ugly but you get my point.

If these are not enough to convince you, then let the wisest man talk, dear God. We are created by him and so did he inserted a hormone within us girls that is released during the anticipation of applying makeup. This hormone is called dopamine.

You think I am making this up to strengthen my point of view of girls' applying makeup, you can choose to ask Mr Julian Ryall from Tokyo. This is a research unraveled by a Japanese scientist, dated 21 Jan 2009. It proves that women anticipate a rush of anticipation and optimism as they prepare to apply makeup, due to the reward system in the brain function.


Annoying much?


We have feelings too you know. And this is just repetitively hearing (seeing) these words 7 times, and you are annoyed already. Think about us, who innocently judged guilty for we endeavour to look our best.

Think twice or thrice before pointing fingers again because if you truly thinks that females who applies makeup is indeed fake and plastic, then I am sorry that your mother and bride (-to be) were fake during her wedding ceremony. I feel so sorry for you, for you are so lifeless to a certain degree that you were forced to marry a plastic. :(

All women deserved to be appreciated, respected and admired and every woman defines her own beauty. 

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