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Friday, 19 October 2012

I promise you

I've been very busy lately, with I don't know what wtf.

And because I have not been doing anything worth mentioning recently, I have no idea what to blog about and I do not bother asking for opinions either because the answers never change. I am always told to do a make up or hair tutorial. I mean, ALWAYS, without fail.

Honestly, the reason I have not posted any tutorial isn't because I am reluctant to share my tips and "so-called skills". It's just a lot more tedious than it looks and I feel awkward talking to myself (video). In fact, I TRIED. And here is my failed attempt. Just the results though, the process was so bad I deleted the entire thing without a second thought lol.

Twas the popteen inspired big goo-goo eyes which I think it is the look most of you would like to achieve most. Frankly, this WAS my favourite look. Not sure if it is the symptom of aging or something, I no longer yearn for miraculously big eyes with thick make up. It's the expression in ones' eyes that matters. Be it small eyes, monolid, uneven eyelids or eicchornia. Most important of all, regardless of what type of makeup look you are going for, BE SURE THAT IT LOOKS CLEAN AND FRESH!

Make up routine I stick to nowadays are relatively light and simple, as illustrated below. However, as you can tell from the pictures, my make up is smudged, ie a no-no failed look. Hence you never see me posting these pictures anywhere, be it Facebook, Instagram or any other social networks.

Make up tip #1

There is other alternative ways to archiving fuller looking lower lashes besides applying fake bottom lashes. That is by drawing them yourselves with an eyeliner! Stroke approximately four strokes on each eyes, spacing them evenly. As shown in the next picture.

I promise to come up with more tips. Unfortunately, I have to stop now for a whole load of external readings awaits me. Please do come back soon and more often because I tend to blog more often when I see increasing traffic. It is quite disappointing when you realise no one reads your blog you know. *act ke lian lol

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