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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

There is no real success without rejections

Reading everyday's papers, I realized that commit suicides due to break offs/broken hearts have become (much) more common than before.

I say, committing suicide is not only hell but also plain stupid! For the other party may be having a hell of a time while you were committing suicide, and secondly, that way your love will never be able to come back to you. Last but not least, think about your family, and friends, who care about you. 

Sure you will feel devastated after a broken relationship. Your heart may ache and you will get sleepless nights. All these are understandable as in a relationship, you are emotionally attached. A part of you is attached to the other party and it's been cut, yet still attached. The pain is as though your arms were cut, while you were holding on the other party.

Just bear in mind,

"There is no real success without rejections. The more rejections you get, the more you have learnt, the closer you are to your outcome."

Shift your thoughts and concentration, emphasize on building your future. And one day when you decided to pay your ex a visit, you are bound to realize he is no longer the same person you knew, be it physically or mentally. (S)he may no longer be the person you loved. 

Elizabeth Taylor in her earlier years and now. Picture credit to google.

One day, we might look back and thank god for those failed relationships that have helped you grow yet not getting stuck to the d*ckhead. And you will realize, good times, bad times, they are all the pass now.

"To be upset over what you don't have is to waste what you have." 
-Ken Keyes Jr.

Quality family time during my summer vacation back home. And what best was my second brother and his family flew back too. It's our SECOND family gathering in TEN FREAKING YEARS! 

"By all means marry; 
If you get a good wife, you'll become happy; 
If you get a bad wife, you'll become a philosopher" 

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