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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

The not so good good-hair-day

Speaking of suay-ness,

1. I was walking along the pedestrian path with my friend, when this car drove through a puddle of water and splashed me. Me, just me fml. Having got soaked, I had to rush home, get change then head towards the bank (in the city). Offended, I say, is how I felt. This is my first experience getting splashed, and hopefully my last. :/ However, I was grateful it happened nearby my house, and not somewhere in the city (or anywhere else) where I had to bear with the wetness and cold.

2. I moved into a new room. And as I was cleaning and moving my belongings, the light bulb abruptly fell and broken into pieces. Devastated was I. If that had happened five minutes earlier, I would have been emitted into the hospital by now. But still, it scared me so much that I did not dare to move for the next couple of minutes, thinking of each possible consequences if I were standing beneath the light. Thank God I am fine. :')

[ *Updated

I call this 'The Happy Song' because it can indeed turn my day around. 

You must feel blue, but after 4 minutes of this song, you might find that grin creeping across your face. Its called Lovable, by Kim Jong Kook 

And another Korean song I really like, Han Saram, Chae Yeon 

Despite a series of rather unfortunate event, today was quite decent. Called mummy early in the morning and she was nagging how I am aging and I should no longer leave the house with zero make up. Diligent enough, I piled my face eyes with layer and layer of chemicals. Likewise, my skin condition is improving, hence I skipped foundation, only concealing some red dots and larger pores.

Sad but true, I have relatively large pores because I used to enjoy squeezing my pimples/blackheads. I still like doing so, just that I am putting in extra effort in self discipline. It requires strong determination, ya know. The satisfaction you achieve when pimple/blackhead explode, ejecting the long accumulated dust which have chemically react with body fluid, creating the disgusting yet so tempting pus. :D

Anyway, mum's definition of applying makeup does not equivalent to mine. What she meant was basic foundation and lip gloss, but to me, make up is a big deal. It's like making your face sharper, more defined, larger eyes, smaller, curvier, juicier lips...

Extra two useless pictures because I think I was having a good hair day. teehee!

Now that I mentioned the word hair, allow me to illustrate more about my hair (hah! excuses. I am just creating excuses to include more pictures of myself bleh!). Anyway, I NOW HAVE GRADIENT HAIR! because ombre is too mainstream lolol.

Left: direct sunlight      Right: indoor (natural light)
Photos do no justice. It is a lot more obvious in reality and I have received COUNTLESS compliments, no joke! Omg why am I so talented *flips hair lol. Do not slap me please, I apologise for my narcissism and being talented is not a sin, please. Sigh, why am I so hopelessly bu-yao-lian (don't want face). Nah, it isn't difficult to archieve, all you need is TIME and PATIENCE.

Hope fun experimenting! See you guys soon! (:

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