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Thursday, 19 July 2012

Mind spilling

Omg! I am truly sorry for the procrastination. It has been almost a month since my last blog post!

Anyway, I am sure most of you are aware that I am now seated in my entertainment room, typing out this post. That's right. I am back in Malaysia! but not for long for this is just another of my summer vacation, and also my last. Yes, I will be graduating next year and I have been thinking a lot recently. Thinking about my future plans. What should I do after graduation? Should I get a pre-reg in Uk? or in Singapore? or even come back? or find a rich man and get married and live happily ever after.

Frankly speaking, the latest option is my first priority. I yearn to come back. Most of you might think that this is one silly choice for the amount of money I will be earning here is peanuts compared to what I get in Uk. Also not to mention the brighter future Uk will be providing me. But, my family is here and I seriously want to be by their side. And also other more complicated reasons. (complicated is just a word used as an excuse, truth is, I am lazy to elaborate teehee)

I shall not speak too much at the moment for nothing is confirmed yet. All I can do now is to hope for the very best, and that everyone around me stays in good health.

Random pictures time! But not a lot cause I have not had enough diligence time yet.

Went out with my babes few days ago, spending the night chilling at the Junk, reminiscing the past. <3

The ONLY thing I bought from Paris. *pout 
Ok la, not really. I got another Eiffle tower bracelet and some souvenirs. :)

Most of my pictures in this post are from instagram. Follow me at angelicjin is you had not. Relatively new there, I know I am very backdated cause I can't be bothered initially but boredom is killing me so yeah hehe. <3

Super cute photo of Annabelle taken during my brother, nephew and niece's birthday celebration last week.

And last but not least, my nails. I know right. I insanely completed these two sets of nails yesterday afternoon. I am just too bored. Nevertheless, I enjoy doing this. I truly think that my life would be happier if I were a manicurist rather than a pharmacist lol.

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