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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

My 2nd visit to Disneyland Paris ♥

I'm sick! Had had on and off fever for the past few days but luckily my temperature has cooled off, only suffering from runny nose and sore throat now. Hope I can recover before leaving uk. And I have so much things undone, like packing, cleaning, unlocking my phone, shopping for the people I owe them stuffs fml. 

Hope I will recover before I leave uk. I don't want to be sick when I am travelling. Summore my menses is almost three weeks late wtf! You better not come when I am in Singapore or Phuket. I need to eat all the good food in Sg and I don't want to attract sharks in Phuket wtf.

Ok, enough ranting. The main topic for today's post is about my trip to Disneyland, in Paris.

It was my second visit to Disneyland Paris and I love it still. Always wanted to go to Disneyland since I was a child but never had the opportunity to, closest to was the Gold Coast in Australia. I thought I was very lucky already, having to visit (the same) Disneyland twice until I chatted with my cousin who is now staying with his foster parents in Japan. He just re-visited both Disneyland and Disneysea and this is his forth visit! I'm all green in envy! I want to get a pair of foster parents in Japan too! So jealous. :/

Disneyland Paris is divided into two parks, the theme park and studio where the former is made up of the Fantasy Land, Adventure Land, Discovery Land and I forgot the rest. Please forgive my sotong brain. :(

Don't say I never warn you, this is going to be a long, photo spammed post.

The Disneyland tradition - buying Disney ears and walking around with them. Erm, maybe it's just my tradition la. I was the only one who bought them (among my friends). I most act cute what. *sticks tongue out.

Even the sky looks magical in Disneyland. 

In process of becoming Queen of Dubai. *inside joke

I think I look very pretty here and I like this pic alot so extra big one inserted lol.

This ride was only halfway done during my first visit so no excuses for me to miss it this time. hehe Fyi, because we only had a day to explore the entire disneyland, we skipped all the baby kiddy rides and only opt for the more thrilling ones but this, I have to ride for I am a fan of Johnny Depp Pirates of the Caribbean. No regrets though, the ride was pretty good.

If you ever go to Disneyland, and want to save time by going on just the more worthwhile rides (referring to the more kiddy disney-ish rides), I would recommend this (Pirates of the Caribbean), PeterPan and Pinocchio.

The queue was quite long and we are vain lol.

These were the only two mascots we saw. Frankly speaking, it is very rare to see mascots in this Disneyland. However I did manage to catch most of them during my previous visit because I stayed at the Disneyland Resort Hotel and we were notified when and where they would appear.

Goofy mascot? Er not, it's just me with a big Goofy hat I really like but its so bulky! Too inconvenient to bring back.

This!!! Wo hen bu shuang!!! I queued for it two years back and when it was finally my turn, some random lady dropped her purse into the track and they had to stop operating the ride fml (x1). Two years later, I went and this ride was closed due to some uncertain reasons fml (x2). Disneyland Paris why you no let me ride this ride! :(

See I not the only vain one can. 

My friends contemplating which horse to ride, or you can say they were snatching horses from kids lol. 

The upcoming 6 shots are all taken from the Sleeping Beauty castle (also the main Disneyland castle in every Disneyland in the world).

Disneyland Paris is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. Happy Anniversary Disneyland Paris! (:

Belle is my all time favourite Disney princess. Who's yours?

Did not manage to capture many shots of the parade because my battery ran flat but no doubt the parade is (always, without fail) my favourite part of Disneyland. However, the duration of the parade was really short this year, no idea why. Quite disappointed though. :(

Ok, that's about it for my second trip to Disneyland Paris. I know need to pamper myself with manicure. Still contemplating if I should go for the princess nails or nails to match my beach holiday in Phuket! teehee!

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