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Saturday, 9 June 2012

Hair extensions

Hello hello! I have finally reactivated my blog after so many dinosaur months! I know right, you guys must have missed me lots, hence starting off with a very pretty picture of me lol, which is also the chosen picture for my header at the moment. (As though you guys are too blind to realise but I must record it here to remind myself in the future ma hehe)

Anyway, as you have noticed, I removed all my previous post. Reason being, I (used to) rant too much and also other pharmacy related reasons la. Lazy to explain but removing them is for the better. (:

My first post after the long MIA is to answer a question I have been asked over and over again, that is 'I thought you cut your hair short, why is it so long already, so fast?'

Well babes, you got that right. I did cut my hair short, LIKE.THIS.SHORT! Please ignore the bare plus god knows why constipated face.

Then all the sudden my hair is long like this. 

I'm just finding excuses to insert more selca pictures of me hahaha! Hopelessly vain I know. Btw, don't say I never warn you, this post is spammed with self taken pictures of yours truly. It ain't too late to click the x button on the top right now, you know. ;)

Er yeah, kinda gone off the track. So yes, my hair did grow (well duh!) but not that much (double duh!). The long hair you see above and all other pictures are extensions. Super regretted that I snipped off my long hair sigh but aren't all girls always contradicting themselves, wanting to cut short their long hair, curl their naturally straight silky hair and vice versa. 

This is the actual length of my hair, picture taken two weeks (?) ago. Had to have my extensions redone hence the colour change. However, the red head did not survive more than a week because my friends say they refuse to take me out with them wtf. 

So here's the final result. Dyed it a lot darker than before and had my new extensions done. These are not the usual clip-ons but permanent extension. Erm, not really permanent la since each extensions only lasts three months!

The extensions are sewed into my weaved hair, so tight that it actually hurts for the first two days. Pros: Very stable, you can abuse your hair however you wish two. Cons: Pain sia and relatively bulky. I personally prefer the micro loop extensions though.

Photo attached, just in case you are wondering how the extension looks like. You're welcome. (: Can tell from picture 1 that they are not visually obvious and picture 2 and 3 illustrate how it looks like when flipped upwards.

Now that I have spent so much time doing the extension, I shall irritate you all more with my face. wtf no link I know but I like this series of messy hair pictures a lot hahaha *sticks tongue out.

My mum always nag that I dislike showing my teeth in pictures which I do not agree with. :P

So yeah, here you go mum, with teeth, very sharp pointy tooth some more lol. She then continues to nag why always the trademark one eye look? Sigh mom, sigh. Very true though, I think more than 70% of my pictures only show an eye haha!

Smile - checked
Teeth - checked
Left eye - checked
Righe eye - checked (wtf)

Mum must be satisfied with my selca skill now lolol. Have a good weekend peeps! Stay tuned for more updates. xx


  1. omg no way, i thought your hair were real!!
    and please keep the red, i will SO take you out haha
    i wish i can dye my hair red, ive did it once, they dye it 4 times and the colour just wouldnt stay :\


    1. Finally! Someone on the same tone as I am, red hair is pretty! lol But it really is tedious, need to bleach several times for the colour to stay. :(