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Monday, 18 June 2012

Purple sunset, Polka dot and Paris

Hello! I just came back from Paris yesterday and I miss it already, not. This is my second trip to Paris and I am glad I managed to arrive London in one piece, don't think I will step my feet into Paris for the third time.

Anyway, I remember Janet recommended that I try the Purple Sunset look and I googled how a purple sunset will look like cause you know, all you see in Malaysia is (?) sunset and for Uk, it's either super gloomy or sunny all day. You don't really get to see the sun rise or set.

This was the search result. First thing that cross my mind was, omg, typical Janet's purple planet. Not surprise why you came up with that idea lol. ;)

This is my first attempt and also my failed attempt.  I will give it another try, hopefully getting something which looks less of me getting punched on both eyes hehe.

I also did a little tutorial on nail art. Whatttt? Don't give me that look, I'm on my holidays now and I am free but not for long, there's very very very high possibilities that I have to start studying for my resit soon fml.

Click to enlarge

Step 1: Do the simple french tip. It does not need to be neat because further designs are going to cover it and you can't tell whether the french tips are neat or not. 
Step 2: Start drawing the petal by dotting on nail varnish, more dots on the outside and less inwards.
Step 3 and 4: Continue drawing until you are satisfied with the number of petals and flowers.
Step 5: Criss cross with glitter to complete the look. 

It really is A LOT easier than how the outcome seems so just give it a try! I am sure you will be satisfied with the results. However, this is not the nail art I have now. I removed them the moment I finished snapping these pictures as I needed nail design that is easier to match my clothes (since I am going to Paris).

So ta dahhh!!! There were my nails to Paris, pastel pink and purple with polka dots and gold glitter. Simple yet very pretty and elegant. A couple of french ladies asked where I did my nails and complimented on the way I dress.

Lolol! Anyway, here are some photos taken on the first day of the trip. Was really excited for this trip cause this is my first time travelling with this group of friends, they are all Malaysian transferred from the Nottingham campus in KL. 

Looked like a zombie with hideous eye bags on the first day due to lack of sleep. We spent our night chilling in Costa, talking crap and also in the train, blabbering all the bo liao stuff lol and regretted the moment our sight seeing tour begun LOL. Really zombiefied la haha!

She is super skinny and tall, I is jealous. 

So fair some more and has the brain, how can all the good thing compile on one person. Life is so unfair. :( *

Super super yummy croissant we bought at the station near our accommodation. This is seriously the BEST croissant I have ever tasted in my life, no joke! It's soft, fluffy and buttery. Would die for one now! Ugh!

Stay tuned for my updates on my second visit to Disneyland Paris, this time, with friends 

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